A quick start guide on how to use Scotland Cloud.

Step 1
You can join up and get connected to Scotland Cloud for FREE! Wherever you see the big orange join up button or at the top right of the page where it says sign up click there and it will take you through to a simple registration page.
Step 2
For registration, you will need to choose an account name, enter a valid email address and choose a password (Please remember it and keep it safe). If you lose your password you can ask to reset it by clicking on the Password Recovery link at the Login Page.
Step 3
One Sign up is complete you will need to activate your account via the email we will send to your address. Once you click on this link, you will be taken to the Account Activated Page, here you will now be able to login and get connected with all the other members.
“Admin says:” – Please remember and try to upload a picture for yourself and groups you create.This really helps others to find you and helps generate a real interest in being part of your social Network.


Step 1
At the top right of every page you will find the Login Button. (You will need to be logged in to create posts or make any comments.) Click on this and you will be taken to the Login Page.
Step 2
Enter your username… EXACTLY as you entered it on Sign Up. Enter YOUR Password and Press the Big Orange Button that says  LOGIN . Remember Both the USERNAME and PASSWORD are case sensitive.


Joining a Group
On the Home Page and many others you will find the popular groups. You can filter them by popularity, active alphabetical or newest. You can also click on the GROUPS button on the top of the screen. Once you choose a group you will be able to click on the JOIN GROUP button. Unless its a Private Group!
Joining Private Groups
Some Groups are Private and therefore you will need to click on the Request Membership Button and the Group Owner will either accept or decline your request. Private groups are only available to members of that group and as such the content is not not seen by others.

  1. Give the group a name
  2. Enter a description of what your group is about.
  3. Press the Create Group and Continue Button.
  4. Choose the Groups Privacy Levels

  • Any site member can join this group.
  • This group will be listed in the groups directory and in search results.
  • Group content and activity will be visible to any site member.

  • Only users who request membership and are accepted can join the group.
  • This group will be listed in the groups directory and in search results.
  • Group content and activity will only be visible to members of the group.

  • Only users who are invited can join the group.
  • This group will not be listed in the groups directory or search results.
  • Group content and activity will only be visible to members of the group.
2. Group Invitations

Which members of this group are allowed to invite others?

  • All group members
  • Group admins and mods only
  • Group admins only
“Admin says:” – Please choose wisely both the group privacy and also who can send Invitations from the group.


3. Group Forum
If you want to create a discussion forum to allow members of this group to communicate in a structured, bulletin-board style fashion. Check the box.

4. Upload an Image
Upload an image to use as an avatar for this group. The image will be shown on the main group page, and in search results.
“Admin says:” – An AVATAR is an icon or picture representing a particular person or group on Internet forums.

Click the Choose File Button and then select an image 300px x 300px is the optimum size either a .jpg of .png file is required. Then click the Upload image button. You can edit the image and when you are happy click the Crop Image button and your image is now uploaded and is your group avatar. You can change this image in settings at any time you wish.

Click the NEXT STEP button and Finally add all your friends and contacts you wish to invite to your new group Then press FINISH