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How to boost your company’s reputation by using social networks
How to boost your company’s reputation by using Agents Wall social network

For many companies, the ability to strike the right tone on social networks is a key way for managers, marketing departments, and owners to reach customers and ensure that a great reputation isn’t a company’s best kept secret.

Many economists have speculated that the future economy will be based in large part on reputation: As the Internet gives clients the opportunity to find out how a company is regarded through an online search. In other words, the business world will be more “what you know” as opposed to “who you know”. The plus-side of such an economy, however, will be that small businesses will have an edge if they are highly regarded by colleagues and customers.

Social networking can be a tricky sea to navigate, and when companies make social gaffes on popular social media sites, the results can take a lot of time and effort to correct. Conversely, respectful behavior wins fans quickly.

Entrepreneur Jenny Q. Ta, CEO of offers four ways that social networks can boost a company’s reputation. Read more

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Category: Information, Social Media Marketing
Date: September 12, 2014