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UPDATE: The Polls close, Scotland’s voters await the results.
Its Just Wrong

Scotland’s voters await the results.

With a huge turnout all over Scotland – Record numbers are deciding the fate of the Nation.

Polls are closed and votes are being counted and it is head to head.  Glasgow is looking like a YES,  Falkirk a No and Dundee undecided.

What will the outcome be?  One things for sure, the Scots are NOT happy with their lot and that has to change!!!

The fact is that the Scots give more to the country than anyone else and receive less is appalling and that has to change. Read more

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Date: September 19, 2014

Englands Shameful Secret
Englands Shameful Secret

In 1974 the English government had received a secret study conducted by economics professor Gavin McCrone.

Nearly all that North Sea oil is Scottish, Professor McCrone wrote. The oil reserves were far bigger than most people realized, he said. An independent Scotland would become one of the most prosperous countries in the world, comparable to Switzerland or Norway, he wrote. Its coffers would overflow. The biggest problem the country might face would be dealing with its massive balance of payments surplus.

Meanwhile, of course, the big loser from independence would be England.

The English government suppressed the report. The McCrone Report was hushed up, and didn’t see the light of day until about ten years ago. We only know about it because the Scottish Nationalist Party, using freedom of information laws, forced the English government to reveal it. Read more

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Date: September 14, 2014

Groundskeeper Willie picks his side on the Scottish Independence debate

With the Scottish Independence referendum taking place next Thursday famous Scots from all over the world have been having the their say on the debate.

As the polls suggest the vote is too close to call The Simpsons most famous Scottish resident has decided to join the calls for a ‘Yes’ vote.

Groundskeeper Willie emigrated to Springfield from Scotland and the upcoming referendum has him pining for a return to his homeland.

He believes both sides of the debate have valid points – “be it the right one or the obviously wrong one!”

Willie does seem incredibly well informed on the issue of Scotland’s rich oil reserves for someone who lives in a shack.

The popular character proclaims Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond a safe choice to lead a potentially new independent Scotland, however he adds if Scots are looking for a new leader in the vein of “William Wallace or Andy Murray” then look no further than Willie himself.

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Date: September 13, 2014